Official Communications

It is the responsibility of each organization to register an email that is checked regularly. Grantees should update the Betterment Fund whenever responsible staff/volunteers, email addresses or other contact information has changed so we can keep our records up to date. All official communications from the Betterment Fund, including payment information, will go to the email address you provide.

Grant Documents

After a grant is approved by the Betterment Fund, you will receive an email with a Grant Letter, Reporting Guidelines Grant Agreement and Grant Terms Sheet for the specific terms of your grant. Please respond promptly by following the instructions on how to complete the Grant Agreement that is required before we issue a check.


In keeping with Mr. Bingham’s own practice, the Betterment Fund seeks no public recognition for grants except such publicity as may be helpful to the grantee organization in raising additional funds for the same project. A simple factual acknowledgement of the grant in the grantee organization’s publications is appropriate. In no case should the name of any individual trustee be publicized in connection with the grant.

The Fund trustees may occasionally share with outside organizations information about grant applications received and grants made. Accordingly, grant applicants and grantees should have no expectation of confidentiality regarding their submissions and reports to the Fund.